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Birth Control

Birth Control Methods offered at Cedar River Clinics:

  • The Pill (Oral Contraceptive), 
  • IUD – Copper IUD & Hormonal IUD
  • Implant
  • The Shot (Depo Provera)
  • Male Condoms
  • Vasectomies
  • Emergency Contraception (Plan B)

We are able to offer free or low-cost birth control options, including IUD, due to Title X Family Planning funding. Most will qualify for discount. Call us to discuss your unique situation. Other services covered could include annual exam, pap smear, STI testing and treatment, and HIV testing.

Birth control allows us to enjoy a full range of sexual expression without worrying about becoming pregnant. Each person is unique. No one method is best for everyone. You can choose different methods for different stages in life.  You can use Birth Control to prevent pregnancy, to determine the number and spacing of births, to never get pregnant, to decide when you want to have your period, or for other health reasons.

Visit our Birth Control Comparison site for more information and to use an online tool to compare the various methods.

If you live in Washington State, you may qualify for FREE birth control when you apply for Washington Apple Health coverage.

  • Teens do not need their parent’s permission.
  • We welcome LGBTQ

For Payment

    • Some birth control options are included with an abortion procedure
    • Most insurance and DSHS Medical/ProviderOne cover birth control
    • You can use credit/debit cards, money order or cash

No Appointment Necessary to purchase Emergency Contraception pills (aka “morning after pills” ). Please call to check availability at your closest clinic location.

Join the Fight

Cedar River Clinics is suing the Trump Administration to protect the Title X Family Planning Program that provides low- to no-cost family planning and sexual health care services and education to more than 91,000 people across Washington and four million people across the country.  Click here to join us in the fight and support our services.

“While the Trump administration is willing to play politics with people’s lives to pander to a specific ideological base, Cedar River Clinics is committed to protecting reproductive health care and ensuring that patients can continue to receive the high-quality health care they need and have come to expect from us. Helping patients is our primary focus, and we are prepared to fight for our community and communities across the country that rely on Title X,” said Connie Cantrell, Executive Director of Cedar River Clinics.

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