Renton & Tacoma

Abortion Costs & Fees

Most private medical insurance plans cover abortion. You do not need a referral. Insurance coverage for abortion can usually be verified within 24 hours.

If you are uninsured and pregnant in Washington, you are likely to qualify for Washington Apple Health which may pay up to 100% of your care. To expedite your application, please call the Washington Apple Health Customer Service Hotline at 877-501-2233 or you may apply online. To learn what health benefits are available to you, call 800-770-4334.

Alaska or Montana Medicaid are accepted at Cedar River Clinics. Call our appointment line at 800-572-4223 if you have questions about AK or MT coverage for abortion care.

If you have private insurance, we bill our standard fees according to medical billing guidelines.  We will pre-verify your insurance and a staff member will be available to go over your individual health benefits, coverage and out of pocket expenses.

If you do not have insurance or Medicaid/Washington Apple Health, you are eligible for our sliding fee scale based on your income. The fee is all-inclusive, covering your procedure, anesthesia, in-clinic ultrasound and lab work, and followup appointment. See the chart below. Student and military discounts are available with ID.

Abortion Care Sliding Fee-if your personal income is less than $50,000
Medical Abortion $600
First Trimester Surgical Abortion $600
Second Trimester Surgical Abortion (1 day visit) $785 to $1075
Second Trimester Surgical Abortion (2 day visit) $1075 to $2100
Second Trimester Surgical Abortion (3 day visit) $2900 to $7000
Private appointments or Special Accommodations Please call us for more information.