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We endeavor to make your experience at Cedar River Clinics a positive one, with respect and compassion. Your feedback and suggestions are taken into account as we improve and expand our services.
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Feedback from the clients of Cedar River Clinics

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When I first called, they were so helpful and patient. It made me feel comfortable and positive about choosing your office. Keep up the good work and caring about my needs.

From the time I called to schedule my appointment with Cedar River until I walked out the door, I was consistently made to feel comfortable and confident.

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Cedar River Clinics
August 28, 2014 at 12:06 am

"And all I needed then was to not feel alone, to appreciate the women who had faced this before me, to know that they had survived."

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New Statesman | “You’ll ruin my life”: one woman’s experience of abortion and the Catholic church

“Asking the nurse not to turn the ultrasound away, I saw our baby, the same size as a chickpea, and wondered how an innocent thing could ever be shameful.”

Cedar River Clinics
August 26, 2014 at 9:21 pm

Cedar River Clinics shared Elizabeth Warren's photo.

94 years ago, the 19th amendment passed, giving women the right to vote. So VOTE and run for office...because that's what girls do.

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On this day in 1920, women finally received the right to vote. But 94 years later, women still don’t get equal pay for equal work. We’re still fighting for a woman’s right to choose and even access to birth control decades after Roe v. Wade. And women still only make up 20% of the United States Senate and 18% of the House. We celebrate Women’s Equality Day and the hard work of so many women to get us to where we are today, but we need to keep fighting if we want equal to really mean equal.

By: Elizabeth Warren