Seattle, Renton, Tacoma

No-Scalpel Vasectomy

No-scalpel vasectomy is a worry-free and affordable option for permanent birth control for men.   

It is a two-appointment process.  First appointment is a short consultation.  Please note that Medicaid or private insurance may have waiting periods between consultation and procedure appointment.  

The procedure takes place in an exam room with  no sedation to moderate sedation, depending on your preference.  Quick recovery time.

Effectiveness: 99.5-99.9%.  It is permanent and only a good option for those certain they do not want biological children in the future.  Vasectomies do not protect against HIV/STIs, so condoms are recommended for safer sex.

We Accept:

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Medicaid/Washington Apple Health
  • Personal Payment

For more information on what to expect from your procedure, please review our preparation sheet for the no-scalpel vasectomy.

We felt so well taken care of from start to finish. We were very impressed and could not have asked for more.