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Insemination Services

services02-2000Planning a pregnancy is an exciting time. For some, it is also a time when outside assistance is needed. We are committed to providing expertise, support and choice in your process.

We offer donor insemination, both intracervical and intrauterine, with fresh or frozen sperm. Our insemination services program is for healthy people, partnered or single, of any sexual orientation, seeking to begin or grow their families using known or anonymous sperm donors. Partners and known donors are welcome in our clinic throughout the insemination process. Visits are personalized to meet individual needs. We do not provide insemination services for individuals with infertility.

Generally, your first appointment will be an initial insemination consultation visit, which includes discussion of your health history and an overview of the insemination process. Charges for appointments are determined using a sliding scale based on income and depend on the length of the visit.

The following are helpful to have with you at the time of the initial consultation, but are not necessary if you are just beginning to investigate this process.

  • Documentation of at least 3-6 months of fertility signs including basal body temperatures and at least 3 months of LH surges with home LH testing
  • Information about where the sperm will be coming from (sperm bank or known donor).
  • Results of annual exam and labs that have been done within the year

If you do not have the above information, we can discuss with you how to track your fertility signs, LH surge and basal body temperature, as well as help you decide where to get your sperm. If you have not had an annual exam in the last year, you may schedule one with us. An annual exam is usually covered by insurance, though the lab tests needed to proceed with the insemination may not be covered.

Before the first insemination:

  • The insemination recipient’s lab work must be complete
  • If using a known donor, the donor’s lab work must be complete
  • Arrangements must be made to get the sperm to our clinic for the insemination

Please call us to check appointment availability at our clinic locations. Please note that weekend appointments and locations are limited.

COVID-19 Response

Cedar River Clinics is open with appointments in-clinic and online. We are addressing coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention by taking extra precautions to keep our patients and staff safe. If you need an abortion, birth control, or any other services, please call us at 800-572-4223 for more information. We are committed to meeting your needs while keeping our community safe!

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